Important Information

NOTE: Meet on time. Your access code will be disabled 10 minutes after the session has started 
 We do not refund money if you arrive late for session.
REMEMBER: to bring a towel.
IMPORTANT! In order for a self-service center to work proper, everyone must contribute. 
If you do not follow the rules of conduct, you are not wanted as a customer either. We are strict and make no exceptions if the rules are not followed.

We want quality over quantity.

*Cleaning up after you.
*Remove water on the floor in the <dry zone>
*Outdoor shoes are not allowed inside the room.
*2 people in the same room are not allowed! We have sensors that will notify us if this happens.
*Alcohol or other drugs are strictly prohibited! 
We conduct daily spot checks of rooms to ensure that rules are being followed.
Use of self-service floating center is at your own risk.

If this is your first time trying floating, we recommend you read through the FAQ so 
you're prepared  and get the best experience.

The floating center is here: Google maps  
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be rebooked  6 hours before it starts.

Thank you for choosing us! Have a nice float 🙂